Kama offers a complete set of customized services, ranging from planning customer’s project, through machining and manufacturing, to final­­­ logistics and specific custom arrangements.
— Full service manufacturing: materials and services
— Contract work: manufacturing only
— Purchasing raw materials and semi-finished products
— Machining and manufacturing services based on customer designs (drawings: pdf/dwg/dxf)
— Structural metal works
— Welding: standard welding; stainless-steel welding; duplex welding, alloy welding, bronze and copper welding, and additional services on request
— 3D Tests (DEA)
— Non-destructive testing - NDT: LP; UT: RX
— Surface thermal treatments: phosphating, nickeling, galvanizing, burnishing
— Surface finishing: sand-blasting, polishing, coating, painting, and other surface treatments on request
— Product cycle scheduling and progress status control systems
— All stage logistics:
— semi-finished product collection
— transfers between different manufacturing workshops for each phase of work as needed ­­
— customs and duty arrangements and final-product delivery